A ship in harbour is safe, but that is not what ships are built for.

John A. Shedd

Andrea has been a vital resource to me. My motivation was at an all-time low and I felt paralysed when trying to make a decision. Her positive, energetic, and supportive style led to spending 45 minutes only thinking about how my perception of my work had formed a repetitive cycle of commentary in my head. Through her challenging coaching I found the focus to break through the thinking that kept me immobile and move forward.

Rachel B.

Coaching was helpful for me because I couldn’t escape tricky questions any longer but had to face them. If I’m by myself I tend to avoid dealing with annoying topics while in a coaching session I had to concentrate exactly on these. Working with Andrea was calming and energizing at the same time. I knew she had neither prejudice towards me nor any expectations in what I said or did. I could be myself.  Thanks to her coaching I was able to structure my thoughts and to define the next step.

Marina E.

I did not really know what to expect from coaching. Today, I am more than happy and grateful that I made my first steps of this incredibly exciting, at times rather challenging journey guided by Andrea. Her nature is as down to earth as it is gentle. With her straightforward, very calm and charming way to ask the right questions at the right time, she helped me explore areas I did not consider to look into myself. We also cleared some of the clouds that have obscured my sight. For me, she is the perfect mirror to look into… given that you dare to look and acknowledge what you see. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs a sparring partner for finding a path that yet needs to be defined.

Eva T.

I’ve always been curious about the concept of having a life coach. It sounded less invasive than “therapy” and more focused than just talking to a friend about your life goals - or even discovering what my life goals were. From the very first session, I was sold on the concept. Andrea took me through an extremely eye opening process. It helped me to free up some time for the items that I never seemed to get to but that I valued much more than the rest. As a coach, Andrea doesn’t do the work for you but somehow makes the job of working through the myriad of decisions and possibilities a lot more focused and meaningful. She has a strong sense of organization paired with a strong sense of how to get things done. She’s great at keeping me on task and is an amazing listener.  Andrea will guide you down the path, offering wisdom as you go and once you arrive at the end, it’s amazing to see that the task wasn’t as difficult as you may have thought - or feared - it would be!

Chris T.

Turning 30 I needed new direction in my life, on both personal and career level. I wanted change, but I had no idea what, let alone how. Andrea sat me down and asked all the right questions. Guided by exercises, we narrowed down which aspects of working life are important to me. We explored my strengths and weaknesses and combined my career goals and my capabilities to find a suitable career path.
Andrea made me feel very comfortable right away. To me this is important, as I was about to open up about my uncertainties and questions about career and life. Andrea does not judge, she encouraged me to accept certain things but also to do better. She does not fear to make me think harder or different when needed. She is warm but doesn’t come too close. I mention this, because it can be overwhelming when someone is too much. Lastly, Andrea really cares. That means a lot, I never felt like she was just doing her job.

Rinske K.