"Andrea was patient, caring, very empathetic. She provided a trusted space for discussing difficult issues and helped me open up. "

Beatrice, France

Coaching Principles and Approach

Coaching is based on the principle that there is one person who knows best what is good for you: that’s YOU. In coaching, it's your needs and desires that guide the conversation; it's all about your agenda. As your coach, my role is to facilitate your self-discovery and growth without imposing advice. Think of me as your supporter on a journey toward deeper understanding, inner growth, and enhanced well-being.

You set the pace, depth, and direction of this journey, while I provide guidance to keep us on track. I encourage your reflective process, helping you delve deeper into issues and assisting you in identifying, prioritizing, and planning the necessary actions to achieve your goals.

Tailoring the coaching experience to your unique goals and needs, I draw from a range of approaches and sources. These include narrative coaching, cognitive-behavioral coaching, mindfulness techniques, and Positive Intelligence®️ (PQ®️). If you are looking for sustained improvements in both your wellbeing and performance, the PQ®️ training program has proven to be exceptionally impactful. I attest to that. I witness its power again and again in the work with my clients. Discover more about PQ®️ here.

It's the Relationship That Matters

Research consistently demonstrates that a trustful relationship between coachee and coach is one of the most critical factors in effective coaching. When you feel at ease, free from judgment or misunderstanding, the foundation is laid for a productive working relationship. My coaching style is characterized by non-judgmental support and empathetic, warm, and curious listening. Rest assured, all our discussions are held in strict confidence.

What does it take from you?
Embrace the opportunity to view yourself and your life from fresh, diverse perspectives. Explore new ways of being and acting within the secure space of coaching.
Engage in honest self-discovery and open communication. Dare to step beyond your comfort zone and grow into the person you aspire to become.
Take ownership of your learning and development journey. Be inspired to create the transformative change you desire in your life.
Is This the Right Coaching for You?

Let's find out together! Reach out to arrange a complimentary initial consultation. This meeting allows us to get acquainted and discuss your coaching expectations. It's an opportunity for you to determine if I'm the right coach for you, and for me to assess if I can meet your coaching needs.