A fitting title for my unwritten biography would be: “The only constant in life is change!”

I have a wealth of experience in beginning anew and re-defining myself. I know what it means to say good-bye and to let go. I have experienced the excitement and challenges of starting all over again. There were periods in my life filled with worries, and periods in which excitement and anticipation kept me awake at night. I feel blessed that I had all these different experiences, and was able to grow from them.

During the past three decades, I have moved 11 times with my husband and children. Born and educated in Germany, I started my life as a global nomad after graduating from high school. I have lived in Boston, Lausanne, Paris, Geneva, Bermuda, and a couple of cities in Germany before moving to Hong Kong in 2013. Ten years later, my husband and I relocated to beautiful Lisbon, Portugal, where we feel very much at home and are embarking on new adventures.

It has always been important to me to take on responsibility, to work in teams and be involved in meaningful and impactful initiatives. My diverse roles over the years included working in Marketing, Corporate Development and HR for a multinational consumer goods company in Germany, being a full-time mother of three children, founding a non-profit initiative, and volunteering in diverse capacities, often in a leadership position. 20 years after graduating from university, I returned to academia. I worked as a project manager of a research project in ethics of medicine, and then became a student again in a Masters program in coaching. I have been working as a personal coach since 2015. From 2017-19, I enjoyed the privilege of leading the AWA, a vibrant organisation of 700+ women from 40+ countries, in Hong Kong.

I love meeting and connecting with people, and find it rewarding when my work has made a positive impact on someone’s life. I have a keen interest in human nature, and I enjoy learning and understanding something in depth. This is why I decided to pursue a Masters program in coaching. I wanted to understand why and how coaching works. To keep enhancing my professional and personal development I make use of workshops, trainings, supervision from experienced coaches and relevant publications. And it’s important to me to give back. I offer pro bono coaching or facilitating of workshops to charities and NGOs if it makes sense for both sides.


| MA in Coaching and Mentoring Practice (Distinction), Oxford Brookes University
| Certified PQ Coach™
| EMCC Senior Practitioner Coach
| Certification in Harrison Assessments
| Facilitator of team workshops, ComTeam, Germany
| German Diploma in Business Administration, Cologne University, Germany
| Coaching languages: English and German


| Coaching a client with a different cultural background - does it matter? The International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentoring, Special Issue 11, June 2017
| 4th Coaching Survey: An Asia Coaching Benchmark 2016-17, co-author and project team member